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If you are considering buying a CNC then there are several things that you should consider beforehand.

One of the most important things out of these is choosing between a 3 axis CNC router, 4 CNC router, or a 5 axis CNC router.

The different types of CNC make it hard to decide which one to choose from. The best way to figure out which one will fit your needs, you need to have a deep understanding of all these routers.

What is Computer Numerical Control?

Computer Numerical Control or CNC for short is one of the best examples of utilising both computer programming and lathe machines.

CNC, itself is software. The function of this software is to “program” or control the various tools and machinery. This automates the manufacturing process while at the same time makes sure that the design is consistent throughout the system

The CNCs available have evolved a whole lot from the start. The ones you will see now come with a bunch of different axes that are essential in making sure that the CNC you purchase is well fitted for your needs or not.




The most basic type of CNC is a 3 Axis CNC router. This is also the simplest type. In this CNC machine, only the X and Y axis are used by the rotary filling.

In 3 Axis CNC, the stationary position is occupied by the workpiece and the cutting tool is moved across the X, Y, and Z axes.

This is one of the most ideal solutions to simple tasks. A 3 axis CNC is also the most used technique to build mechanical parts in automation.

Drilling holes, cutting sharp edges, and tapping are just some of the many uses of 3 axis CNC machines.


A 3 axis CNC machining Is a great option for many reasons but it has its downfall too.

Some of the biggest limitations of this CNC are:

  • 3 axis CNC is a relatively old model. This means that it is a lot harder to program and use this machine. Furthermore, the operation of this machine can only be done by professionals.
  • It is expensive to install and maintain this router.


A 4 axis CNC machining is common to that of a 3 axis CNC machining. It also uses three axes, X, Y, and Z. But along with these 3 axes, there is an additional one called A-axis which comes along the 4 axis CNC. This A axis is rotated around the X-axis.

The cutting can also be done vertically via the Y-axis but the former is preferred over the latter because it is considered more productive.

A 4 axis CNC is quite useful for a cylinder because it can help cut the sides, cut holes, and cuts along an arc fairly easily and without any issue.

Engraving, milling and drilling are just some of the many uses of 4 axis CNC machining


4 axis CNC is another great option with tons of reliable features. The main drawbacks of this machine are given below.

  • Probably the biggest drawback of the 4 axis CNC machine is its Geneva Mechanism. This mechanism has both advantages and disadvantages. It is both reliable and simple enough to use but the drawback of this mechanism is that it does not support continuous machining.
  • Another limitation of the 4 axis CNC machining is that it can not handle high-intensity usage and will easily wear and tear if it is used with more intensity than it can handle.



One of the biggest and most important inventions in the 21st century regarding CNC machining is the 5 axis CNC machine. It is a lot more proficient than both the 3 axis CNC router and the 4 axis CNC router.

One of the factors that make it so great is the fact that it is fast and gives accurate measurements.

The building of the 5 axes CNC is quite similar to its previous additions. It uses the same X, Y, and Z axes as the 3 axis CNC machining. Furthermore, this CNC also uses a horizontal A-axis which is rotated around the X-axis.

The addition in the 5 axis CNC router is a rotation along the C axis.

Depending on how complex the machine is, the 5 axis CNC router can allow the operator to hit five different sides or even more.

This consequently, makes the 5 axis CNC machine a lot more useful and precise in calculations as compared to the previous additions.

Because of its usefulness, 5 axis CNC router is used in many different fields including architecture, research, medical, and even art.

5 axis CNC is also valuable for hole drilling at compound angles.


The 5 axis CNC is one of the best in the business but that doesn’t mean it is completely flawless.

This CNC, too, has some major drawbacks that limit its capacity.

  • The 5 axis CNC machining has not been fully introduced in the market. It is still used by very few people. This makes the installation of this device quite expensive.
  • The 5 axis CNC machining requires complicated programming and you would need a highly trained professional to make sure that your machine is not damaged in any way.


Which one is the best CNC For You?

All the three CNC machining mentioned here are some great options that you can go for. The main thing to remember when buying any of these is your requirements. Everyone has a different purpose for purchasing a CNC machining so make sure you have your priorities lined up properly.

Some of the most important things you should consider when buying a CNC are how much budget do you have? What level of accuracy do you need? And what will you be using the machine for?

A 3 axis CNC machining is best fitted if you are new to using CNC and want to gain experience with how the machine works. It is the cheapest alternative among the given CNC machinings.

A 4 axis CNC machining is a great option if you can spend a little extra on the product you are buying. This will give you a lot more accurate readings and will be a little less complicated to handle and learn.

Lastly, a 5 axis CNC machining should be considered if you are serious about the work you will be doing with the CNC. It is expensive but also comes with a lot more accuracy and precision.

Whichever CNC you choose, it will be your partner for a long while. 3, 4, and 5 CNC machining are great purchases in their fields. Instead of going for one that everyone else is buying, the most important thing to remember before purchasing a CNC is understanding which one of these will make your production easier.

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