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Sheet Metal Services Available at QBH

We specialized in sheet metal fabrication since 2014.Our manufacturing service include laser cutting, bending, and welding & assembly etc.We also invested many advanced equipment for meet customer’s demands.

Our laser cutting machine can cut 0.5mm to 50mm thick sheet metals

Our welding manufacturing Argon arc welding and carbon dioxide gas shielded welding

QBH is professional for metal bending service including stainless steel aluminium,etc

We provide a component assembly solution for those parts made from various materials

QBH engineers team can provide you with excellent manufacturing drawing services

Surface finishes Options for Sheet Metal Fabrication

Blank Size           10’ x 20’ (3.05 m x 6.10 m). We can support larger size according to your request.
Lead Time    5 working days
Sheet Thickness      0.016” – 0.2” typical. We can support thickner or thinner according to your request.
General Tolerances    For single planes or flat parts, +/- 0.2” on edge to edge, edge to hole, and hole to hole features; +/- 0.2” on bend to edge/hole features. For multi-planed bent parts, +/- 0.2” for hole to hole/edge, edge to edge, and over-formed parts; +/- 1 degree for bend angles.
Braking (Hydraulic)  10’ length, fingers from 3” – 6” 
Braking (Magnetic)    6 tons of magnetic pull across the entire beam, 5/8″ minimum reverse bend
Punching             2″ diameter hole capacity, or larger according to your request
Welding             Argon arc welding, carbon dioxide gas shielded welding and assembly

Available Sheet Metal Materials

QBH can make use different materials options to meet your demand for sheet metal manufacturing.Here are some common materials types for metal fabrication.

Aluminum 1100-H14
Aluminum 5052-H32
Aluminum 6061

Copper 101
Copper C110
Copper C110, H02
Copper 260 (Brass)

C27400, C28000

Steel 1018 (Low Carbon)
Steel 1045 (Hot Rolled)
Steel A569/ASTM A1011 (Hot Rolled)
AZ55 Galvalume
A653 Galvanized
1095 Spring Steel
Steel A36
Steel A36, pickled and oiled
Steel A366/1008

Stainless Steel
Stainless steel 301
Stainless steel 304
Stainless Steel 304 #4 brushed
Stainless Steel 304, #8 mirror polish
Stainless steel 316/316L
Stainless Steel 316, #4 brushed

Surface finishes Options for Sheet Metal Fabrication

Gallery of Sheet Metal Parts

We have manufactured different types sheet metal products for our values customers.

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Free and instant quotation within 24hours,Fast delivery can be finished in 3 business days.

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After nine years’ development, we have complete production equipment, professional workers and rich experience for different kinds of products type,such as consumer products,energy,industrial,lighting and robotics,etc.

Professional Engineers Team

From design to production, our professional team of engineers will be at your service all the way. If you have a preliminary idea, our engineers can realize it for you; if you need improvement ideas, our engineers can provide ingenuity.

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