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Product Description

The workpiece rotates while the cutting tool stays stationary, cutting and shaping it as per the design.This process is also used for cutting and threading the piece. Fast-paced CNC turning allows us to complete the required designs with great efficiency and maximum precision. It also has multi-axis turning features, which allows us to cope with complex geometries. Low-cost parts with simple geometries are also manufactured at QBH Technology.

Technical Information

NO. Item Content
Maximum part dimensions
Maximum part Diameter is 450mm and the maximum part length supported is 990mm.
Jobs & certifications.
CNC Turning with ISO certifications of ISO9001:2015.
The speed and power
Maximum speed is around 2000rpm and maximum motor power is around 700W.
Automotives, furniture, appliances, racks, metal enclosures, and other metal products
File formats provided
DWG-DWZ, PDF,Stp and ANSI, etc.
Other Materials
Stainless steel, steel, Alloys of aluminum, brass, copper, steel, and zinc.

Select the most suitable ‘milling’ option and send us a drawing or dimensions.

Prepare your drawings and custom order details.

Confirm with the sales department.

Select payment options and other payment details.

  • Confirmation from sales.

  • Drawing and program development.

  • Material selection.

  • Manufacturing 

  • Finishing
  • Assembly
  • Dispatch

In the case of bulk orders, you may request a ‘turning work’ sample from us. Through a sample, you can judge the quality and precision of our CNC turning services.

We have competitive prices here at QBH. They will depend upon the type of CNC turning service, the number of services, and the number of products you are ordering.

We will inform you when dispatching the product. Before dispatch, all the details of the project are checked by our QC and other relevant people. Please check carefully when received. Check all the drawing and dimension details. Please check that the material used is as per your request. 

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