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Welding is the joining of two different metal pieces into one weldment assembly. We are equipped with the latest welding technologies like electric arc, gas metal arc, and gas tungsten arc facilities.

Product Description

We can provide welding service including spot welding and arc welding, our team of experienced welders utilizes state-of-the-art equipment to offer the most professional solutions for the most complex requirements and projects. With the finest welders in our workshop,we will finish your products with high quality.

Technical Information

NO. Item Content
 Metal Gas Welding
Use a continuous wire as the electrode and shielding gas that flows through the gun. Anti contamination and most common.
Tungsten Gas arc Welding
The electrode is made of Tungsten which is one of the strongest metals. Highly effective.
Shielded metal arc welding
Also called stick welding and it is portable. Consumes an electrode that later solidifies.
Flux arc Welding
The electrode is a hollow stick that is full of flux. Used for thicker metals.
High precision Welding
Laser is not only used for cutting but welding as well. Especially when you want it precise and want good finishing.
Plasma arc 
Used for very thin metal sheets where precision is in demand. Ionized gas arc is for heating used in plasma arc welding.
  • Select the most suitable ‘welding’ option and send us a drawing or dimensions.

  • Prepare your drawings and custom order details.

  • Confirm with the sales department.

  • Select payment options and other payment details.

  • Confirmation from sales.

  • Drawing and program development.
  • Material selection. 
  • Manufacturing
  • Finishing
  • Assembly
  • Dispatch

In the case of bulk orders, you may request a ‘welding work’ sample from us. Through sample, you can judge the quality and precision of our high-quality welding services.

We have competitive prices here at QBH. They will depend upon the type of welding service, the number of welding services, and the number of products you are ordering.

We will inform you when dispatching the product. Before dispatch, all the details of the project are checked by our QC and other relevant people. Please check carefully when received. Check all the drawing and dimension details. Please check that the material used is as per your request. 

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