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The Benefits of Stainless Steel for Metal Fabrication


The Benefits of Stainless Steel for Metal Fabrication

Stainless steel is considered an ideal choice for metal fabrication. Does metal fabrication sound like a new term? Oh, let’s make out the fabrication before jumping to the benefits of stainless steel for fabrication. 

Fabrication is a technical process that includes cuts, mold, and shapes of the metal for the final version of the product. Fabrication produces the product from raw or semi-raw material. It’s used for custom as well as stock products. I hope you get the meaning. 

Albeit stainless steel fabrication costs you an arm and leg yet its benefits are worth your penny. You can even produce your desired masterpiece at home.

 No rocket science is required. Before exploring the advantages we first understand the formation of stainless steel. 

Formation And Alloys Of Stainless Steel

Being an alloy of iron stainless steel has 10.5% chromium (essential to make the steel stainless). Chromium produces a thin passive layer over the surface of stainless steel. 

Furthermore, chromium makes the stainless steel’s surface more durable and steel makes it corrosion-resistant. It saves the outer structure of the metal from corrosion. 

Similarly, the addition of nickel in stainless steel increases the corrosion-resistant properties. It also increases its welding capabilities. 

Copper makes the stainless steel corrosion-resistant and improves its work hardening capacities. 


Uses Of Stainless-Steel

Stainless steel is not only used in the industrial sector but also in various other domestic sectors. Let’s explore its usage. It is used in sheets, plates, coils, bars, tubing, and wire, etc. It’s also used in… 

Culinary uses

  • Kitchen sinks
  • Cutlery
  • Cookware
  • grills
  • cookers
  • saucepans

Surgical tools and medical equipment

  • Hemostats
  • Surgical implants
  • Temporary crowns (dentistry)

Architecture (pictured above: Chrysler Building)

  • Bridges
  • Monuments and sculptures
  • Airport roofs

Automotive and aerospace applications

  • Auto bodies
  • Rail cars
  • Aircraft

Process Of Stainless Steel Fabrication 

Fabrication of stainless steel includes five steps. Let’s explain them in detail. 

Work Hardening

Metal works hardened on cold forming. Grades of 400 series have higher cold working than that of carbon steel. 

But austenitic grades of stainless steel work at rapid speed and that’s the reason it is highly used where strength and resistance to corrosion are required. 


Grades Of austenitic stainless steels are difficult to machine due to the presence of non-metallic inclusion. This makes them less resistant to corrosion in marine products. 


Almost all the stainless steel grades have different types of welding properties but Austenitic grades have most readily weld. 

Martensitic grades need deep care during welding while Ferritic grades have excellent weldability. 

Soft Soldering

Soft Soldering includes the use of lead-tin solder, but the use of soft soldering should be used in the transportation sector and food industries. 

Mechanical strength depends on solder joint and is improved by 

  • Riveting edges
  • Lock-seaming edges
  • Spot welding edges

Silver Soldering

Silver Soldering is done where a strong joint is required but without the welding process. Silver Soldering, when used in stainless steel fabrication Silver brazing alloy, is used. 


Benefits OF Stainless Steel For Fabrication Project 

Stainless steel has been widely used in all industries for over 70 years. Due to its plenty of advantages, its usage has taken root everywhere with the passage of time. 

Due to the highest increase in demand, it has become more affordable than ever, even in 2019, its global production crossed 52 million. Also due to the increase in demand, it is available in standard and non-standard sizes. Stainless steel finishes are also available in the market. 

Besides finishes, different colors surfaces are also available that make finding a suitable option for your needs. 

1. Stainless Steel Is Highly Corrosion Resistance 

Being resistant to corrosion the use of stainless steel is extended to indoor as well outdoor applications along with temperature and pressure extremes. 

Owing to resistance to corrosion and availability, stainless steel is a widely used metal in the world. Its 316 grade is widely used in all sectors especially in corrosive environments. 

Grade 304 of stainless steel is highly used in metal fabrication because it is an excellent combination of workability, strength, and corrosion resistance. It is corrosion resistant to chlorine, alkine, and acid solutions, etc. 

2. Surprisingly Stainless Steel Is Eco-friendly 

Stainless Steel Is Highly eco-friendly because of its recyclable properties. It means you can reuse it again and again. 

As it is non-biodegradable in nature therefore it cannot seep into soil and water reservoirs. 

Sustainability with the passage of time has become a hot subject in the industrial sector. As we are depleting the world’s resources, now it is essential to increase recycling. 

It is highly recyclable without diminishing the actual quality. 100% recyclable without losing the strength of stainless steel. As the 50% of stainless steel used in fabrication comes from previous melted steel. 

3. Stainless Steel Is Easy To Fabricate

Stainless Steel Is easy to work with due to its flexibility, machineable, workable properties. Other metals in the fabrication process can break or crack under stress whereas stainless steel excels the race. 

Grades from 400 series of stainless steel contain chromium up to 10-30% which makes them able to bear cracks and stress. 

By using the modern and latest technology you can mold, cut, Fabricate stainless steel in any form and shape. Stainless Steel fabrication can prove difficult if you are using outdated technology or equipment. 

So to avoid this challenge, just use modern techniques and technology. Like CNC Machining and stainless steel laser cutting are also available. 

4. Stainless Steel Is Highly Durable 

When it comes to durability stainless steel is more durable than other metals like aluminum, mild steel, and brass. Moreover, it performs better in higher temperatures than other metals. It has stiffness above 300°C than Carbon. 

Martensitic stainless steel has the highest heat-resistant properties as compared to other grades of stainless steel. As we mentioned above, cold work hardening properties of many stainless steel grades are used to reduce the thickness, weight, and coat of many materials. 

5. Hygienic Benefits

Due to its Hygienic properties, stainless steel is highly used in medical as well as catering applications. It restricts the growth of bacteria and is easy to sterilize and clean. You can even clean it with a swab. 

As stainless steel does not leak in the utensils therefore it is highly used in the Kitchen industry because it prevents bacteria and reduces the risk of diseases. 

6. Stainless Steel Is Temperature Resistance

Stainless steel is well known for its withstanding properties of heat resistance. Therefore it is widely used in welding as well as metal fabrication. 

And resistance mainly depends on chromium presence, and for your pretty concern 310, and 309 grades of stainless steel can bear up the temperature up to 1150°C. Amazing! 

The use of a high alloy of stainless steel having high amounts of chromium and nickel makes it valuable in feed water heaters, boilers, valves, mainstream lines, aerospace, and heat exchanger. Highly resistant to heat and fire. 


7. Easy To Clean And Maintenance Free 

As stainless steel is non-porous therefore any liquid or air cannot pass through it, this makes it the perfect choice where food is processed. It is no wonder that commercial kitchens are full of stainless steel in different forms in utensils, appliances, etc. 

Moreover, the product made from stainless steel can be cleaned with domestic detergent, cleaning liquids, and soaps. Proper cleaning enhances the service life of the product and reduces wastage. 

You should not overlook the long-term value of stainless steel, as maintenance is easy in stainless steel. 

8. Aesthetics Look

Stainless steel is not only strong enough but also gives an aesthetic look to the product. It has a natural grayish color. It gives a sleek look to the product. 

Stainless steel products have a high luster and are exposed to surfaces. It has a variety of finishes including matt and bright. 

Final Verdict 

To wrap the discussion up, when you want to do a stainless steel fabrication process, it’s essential to choose the right fabrication company as all are not suitable and provide quality services for this purpose. 

As a leading name in the fabrication process, we’re always willing to give you quality services and make your project’s goals come to life. 

We excel in laser cutting, welding, CNC turning along with milling, and electronic enclosure. We can use stainless steel in your product and finishing it too. Ready to expel your headache and save time and money? Don’t waste your time just contact our professional team and feel free! 

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