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Use of Sheet Metal Fabrication in the emerging Food Industry

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Use of Sheet Metal Fabrication in the emerging Food Industry

Sheet metal fabrication is a versatile and convenient process to manufacture products for our day-to-day use. Sheet metal is integral in the automotive, aerospace, and food industry.

It’s estimated that around 30% of sheet metal products produced every year are solely for the food industry. 

Here we have gathered information about how Qbh sheet metal fabrication is used in the ever-growing food industry. 

What is sheet metal fabrication?- An Overview 

Sheet metal fabrication is a process that involves stretching, cutting, bending, blanking, and welding raw metal sheets to produce various high-quality products. 

Due to its high level of formability and weldability, sheet metal is used in almost all the industries in the world. It’s flexible enough to bend in any shape possible. 

It’s popular in the automotive, aerospace, IT industry, and most of all in the food and beverages industry worldwide. 

Sheet metal fabrication is preferred because of its versatility, cost-effectiveness, and serviceability. It’s durable, corrosion-resistant, and can meet high levels of industrial-grade tolerances. 

Sheet Metal Fabrication

Sheet Metal Fabrication in Food Industry 

Sheet metal fabrication in the food and beverage industry is crucial for industry growth. The flexibility of sheet metal makes it possible to produce complex geometries. 

With a high level of expertise at Qbh manufacturing plants, strict tolerances can be met, making it suitable for industry-grade manufacturing. 

Sheet metal is also highly customizable. It’s useful in the food industry, where there is a need for specialized kitchenware, culinary tools, and food production appliances. 

Customizing sheet metal products is much easier and cost-effective compared to other processes such as injection molding and “tool and die” making. 

Here we have listed some of the important areas in the food industry where Qbh sheet metal fabrication is being used to produce premium quality appliances. 

1.Food trucks and carts 

Food trucks and carts are getting popular every day as they bring affordable and tasty food to the roadside. The cooking appliances fitted in the small area of the food truck are almost entirely made of sheet metal. 

It’s lightweight and customizable to make the most use of a small space. These stainless steel portable kitchen counters are fitted with gas cylinders and stoves. 

Sheet metal is resistant to heat and fire, so you don’t have to worry about a disaster in cramped spaces. It’s much safer.

Most of all, sheet metal fabrication is cost-effective and suited for small-scale businesses like food trucks and carts. 

2.Commercial Kitchen Setup 

We see commercial kitchens in restaurants, baristos, and hotels. These are highly practical kitchens with the equipment to prepare food efficiently and in bulk. 

Such commercial kitchen setups have sheet metal cabinets, ovens, stoves, counters, and culinary tools. There isn’t much need for style as the main objective is practicality and clever use of space. 

Hygiene is also a major factor in commercial kitchens. High-quality sheet metal makes it easier to clean oil splashes, food stains, and molds which can lead to the accumulation of harmful bacteria if left unchecked. Kitchen appliances made of sheet metal are easy to clean. 

Sheet metal kitchen appliances can easily be customized to the client’s specific needs, making sheet metal fabrication the number one choice for a commercial cooking setup. 

Sheet Metal Fabrication

3.Food Storage Tanks

Food tanks are used to store liquid food and beverages. Typically used in industries, they come in many shapes and sizes, and their body is fabricated from sheet metal. Food tanks can be used on-site and transported to various locations on a truck. 

You can modify it to various dimensions and styles. Made from food-grade material, they are perfectly safe for storing food. A high-quality tank has a proper drainage system and can withstand high pressures and temperatures. 

4.HVAC Systems

Sheet metal fabrication is perfect for producing ventilation ducts in Heating Ventilation Air conditioning (HVAC) systems. The food industry can’t function without a proper HVAC system. Since hygiene is of utmost priority in the food industry, the air quality should be higher. 

Sheet metal ventilation ducts prevent mold and bacteria growth from happening. And they are much easier to clean as well.

Above all, sheet metal ducts are extremely flexible and can be customized to the specific needs of industries and businesses. 

5.Food Conveyor belts

Food conveyor belts are extremely important because they directly contact food. So naturally, they are made with high-quality food-grade stainless steel sheets. We have discussed food-grade materials in the last section. 

Conveyors have made transporting goods from one place to another convenient and risk-free. Since conveyor belts are not one size fits all, they require a high level of customization. Sheet metal fabrication can produce customized products for every project. 

Best Food Grade Stainless Steel

Most popular food-grade stainless steels are 304 SS, 316 SS, and 430 SS. These stainless steel variants offer many advantages, such as;

1) Non-porous Surface

Non-porous and crack-resistant steel means food and humidity can’t get stuck in tight spaces, and this can cause the production of bacteria and mold. So smooth surfaces are easier to clean and perfect for food. 

2) Lack of taste, color, and smell

Food should not be contaminated by the smell and taste of the material used to make and transport it. That’s why it is necessary to use food-grade steel free from the influence of taste and color. And also which is corrosion and rust-resistant 

3) Chipping and Scratching resistant

Small chips and scratches may get mixed with edible food material and can be dangerous. That is why sheet metal fabrication uses high-quality stainless steel which is chipping resistant. 

Food Quality Standards

Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) doesn’t approve the equipment used in the food industry. But there is a set of design criteria established by “3-A Sanitary Standards”, which are used in the manufacturing of standardized food equipment. 

Sheet Metal Fabrication


Now you may understand the importance of sheet metal fabrication in the food and beverage industry. Above mentioned examples are just a few of sheet metal applications. 

Sheet metal fabrication requires a high level of expertise to produce it. Here at Qbh technology, we have an expert workforce that can fabricate and customize premium quality sheet metal products according to your needs. On-time delivery, professional guidance, and competitive prices are guaranteed. 

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